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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 22, 2017 6:00am-7:07am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday november 22nd and here's what we're following on "action news." >> and they are off. travelers are expected to hit the roads, the rails and the sky ways for thanksgiving. we're keeping an eye on all of it. >> crews will be back at the site that of deadly fire at a senior living center in west chester today to look for more victims. >> what court documents reveal about an fbi investigation
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into pennsylvania congressman bob brady. >> we have team coverage to help you maneuver the holiday rush. look at us all. "action news" reporters jeanette reyes and katherine scott are covering the rails and the skies. >> first up let's go to karen rogers. she's keeping a close eye on your roads and we'll start with meteorologist, david murphy because of course the big question is what is the weather to travel and what is the weather for thanksgiving today david. >> getting out early is a little bit of a problem. we are looking at cloud cover and some showers building in. storm tracker right now shows you that over by the coast in particular we have some heavy showers. these are popping up from cape may in through atlantic city along the garden state parkway and then really the entirety of delaware also picking up some rain and in some cases it's also steady, highlighted in yellow. some bits and pieces of that are making it into delaware county in philadelphia at this hour. it's lighter precipitation in the northern and western suburbs. all of that is going to sweep over to the coast during the morning rush hour and probably get off the coast sometime after 9:00 this morning.
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temperatures well, 52 degrees fairly filed in philadelphia. trenton down to 48. 51 in wilmington and all of south jersey in the mid-50's. up north it's a little bit chillier. 38 in allentown, 41 in reading. cooler airy siding up there and even though you're going to bounce up a little bit later this morning in allentown and reading all of these numbers are going to have a tendency to drop in the afternoon. in philadelphia, 52 degrees by 7:00 a.m. after that you're down to about 50 by 3 o'clock down to 46 by 5 o'clock and 42 by 7 o'clock tonight so cooler air is coming. thanksgiving overall looks pretty good. it's going to be chilly but everybody is ready for that nice turkey too including fido there if somebody throws him a little piece. mostly sunny tomorrow winds light and chilly. 37 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 3 o'clock 46 degrees that will be your sunny high tomorrow. karen we'll have more on the parade forecast as well as that black friday forecast from accuweather coming up. >> all right, dave, we've got an early morning accident
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right on the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound at university so here's your westbound traffic heading towards south street. an accident up ahead has been blocking the left lane. we had emergency workers on the scene even an ambulance out there and that's been creating problems this morning and they're in the process of clearing that out. traffic's moving better here than it was just a couple minutes ago with a new accident that happened on the schuylkill westbound at university as you head towards south street. we had ambulance and police on the scene with that one and so a little residual slowing in that area. let's take you over to phoenixville. a vehicle crashed into a tree right on gay street at second avenue. the roads are kind of wet. we had a couple accidents. we had an earlier one with an overturned vehicle. it's not even busy out there yet and already seeing problems. traffic hot spots. this is the busiest travel week of the entire year so brace yourself. according to aaa some of the top hottest traffic spots in this area schuylkill westbound at gulph mills, you know this one is bad on a regular day.
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today will be worse. schuylkill eastbound at belmont another area you expect to be jammed and one of the top ones in new jersey is 295 southbound approaching that dreaded split for 42. it's already looking a little slow with the wet roads out there but be careful, this is one of the spots you will see extra jammed today tam. >> okay thank you, karen. now eventually there will be turkey and dressing and pie, oh so much pie but first you got to get to grandma and the holiday rush is getting busy at philadelphia international airport. the first flight of the day is expected -- i think it's already taken off. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live there right now talking to passengers and you just got to keep in mind all the stuff on the table as you stand there in the line right, jeanette? [laughter] >> reporter: yeah, this is the price you pay because presumably that food is free right. this is the price you pay to enjoy good food. i want to show you the nonexistent lines so that nobody can say jeanette told me there would be long lines and no one is here.
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it kind of ebbs and flows. at one point the lines were even around the corner where the sky walk begins. so, you know get to the airport earlier just in case. we did see the airport much busier than in previous years. the first flight took off around 5:15 in the morning. we expect nearly 400,000 passengers to depart from philadelphia international airport this week. the busiest airports will be chicago, los angeles, atlanta, so a heads up if you are headed there and will be departing from there. overall air travel is up 3 percent compared to last year and aaa says it's mostly due to an increase in consumer confidence. the tickets were relatively affordable compared to previous years but one thing i can tell you though, when you get here back to the high congestion or the high foot traffic here don't be that person that's holding up security lines because you brought something that's prohibited. take a listen to what the t.s.a. director has to say.
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>> liquid gels we have requirements and you put all that stuff that of a quart size bag. >> reporter: 3.4 ounces i always forget that number, that is the magic number. >> that is the magic number and it includes gravy by the way so. [laughter] >> reporter: okay so, coming back out live to us this is the departure board and it seems everything is on time so that is the good news. but again, give yourself a little bit of time. sunday will be the busiest day of this travel period. so if you headed out early today, head out even earlier on sunday. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> okay, thank you jeanette. and we're going on now to some breaking news this morning. a u.s. navy aircraft has crashed into the ocean near okinawa japan with 11 crew members on board. and the search and rescue operation is under way in the philippines sea.
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according to a news agency in japan eight people have been found but their conditions, are they alive or not that is not yet made public or known. the aircraft was en route back to the u.s.s. ronald reagan an aircraft carrier and as soon as we get more information on exactly where things stand here, we will share that with you. it is 6:07 and newly unsealed federal court documents confirm pennsylvania congressman bob brady is under investigation by the fbi. the fbi says it has reason to believe that the philadelphia democrat unlawfully concealed a $90,000 payment made by brady's campaign to get an opponent to quit a 2012 primary race. the primary opponent and a former aide to him have pleaded guilty to concealing that payment. two political consultants have also been charged. brady's attorney says the congressman has done nothing wrong. and it's been nearly a week since that massive inferno at the senior living center in west chester. late last night we learned that authorities found two bodies in that rubble. four people were unaccounted
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for after the five alarm fire at the barclay friends senior living facility. efforts to find the two remaining victims will resume later this morning. investigators are also trying to still determine exactly how that fire started. >> ♪♪ >> investors who have sat out the markets this year not expecting the roaring 2017 may be wondering if this could be a good time to hop in and ride a potential santa claus rally. erin aide is in for maribel aber and joins us for our market watch report. good morning erin. >> reporter: good morning matt. a record day for stocks as all three indexes rose to new highs. right futures point to a higher open. reports on jobless claims and consumer sentiment due out later today. in state stores in pennsylvania, many stores will open earlier and stay opened late and stores in rural communities will be open on days that they are usually closed. the new hours will take effect through the month of december.
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back to you matt and tam. >> thank you erin. happy thanksgiving. >> yes. >> all right let's -- will it be a happy thanksgiving? >> can we go outside and play football. >> yeah, if you dress warmly enough. it's going to be sun not all that windy. for now we've got issues with rain. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you a good portion of the region is wet. south jersey has really been getting hammered with most of this in the early morning hours and right now you're getting some steady cells starting to push past cape may but still barreling up towards atlantic city so more rain on the way there. it looks like dover, delaware, getting fairly wet with heavy cells highlighted in yellows and some of that stuff is popping up into the i-95 corridor as well and this is probably going to be only for another maybe couple of hours before we start to dry out here. down the shore you're probably looking at maybe 9:00, 9:30 before the last of the raindrops get off the coast. not all day rain but it is making the morning commute starting out anyway a little bit wet. we got cloudy skies across the
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region and that rain beginning to move into philadelphia. as we take a look at temperatures, still mild. 52 in the city. still 38, though, in allentown and 41 in reading. these numbers will have a tendency to pop up but eventually the winds are going to turn around from the northwest later this morning and all of our numbers are going to start to drop so we'll get up to about 56 at lunchtime in philadelphia and those numbers go south. as for the rain, as i mentioned this is not all day. between now and 9 o'clock we expect most of this to be over by the coast. gone pretty quick after that and then we get sunshine back later this morning and into the afternoon at least a fair amount of it. clouds and more sun later in the lehigh valley, a high of 51 degrees. it is going to be rather breezy and blustery today. down the shore more of the same. clouds, rain, eventually giving way to some sun later this morning and this afternoon. breezy conditions 56 degrees and in philadelphia, a high of 56 but we will probably hit this around lunchtime maybe a little after and then those northwest blustery winds kick in and that starts to drop our number all the way into the upper 40's by about 3 o'clock
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this afternoon maybe 3:30. and then overnight the cold air continues to rush in and we see the winds die down but an overnight low of 30 degrees in philadelphia and 26 in some suburbs and that makes for a chilly thanksgiving. more on that in a moment. in terms of traveling today, by 8 o'clock in philadelphia we should be drying out in case you're running down to the airport to either catch or receive an early flight. 53 degrees by 8 o'clock and then by noon 55. it will get blustery and chillier later in the afternoon though by 4 o'clock down to 48 but hey at least it's dry and that's the best news. then 46 and chilly tomorrow under the sun. light winds so we will get those balloons up in the air. and if you're planning on heading to the parade bundle up early. 34 degrees by 8 o'clock. 39 by 10 o'clock and we get up to 43 by the end of the parade. your seven-day from accuweather, again shows today's mild high of 56 but i've got that downward arrow because after about lunchtime or so those numbers will start to plunge. it's breezy out there too. sunny and chilly on thanksgiving, 46 your afternoon high. and for black friday starting out in the 30's in the morning but winding up with a decent high of 50 in the afternoon.
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still if you're going to be camping out for that great deal on friday morning, you'll want to dress warmly. on saturday we're going to bring that number up a little bit. partly sunny milder, 58 maybe a sprinkle or shower around at night and we're also going to raise the sunday high to 52, so not too bad for the eagles but there is going to be a 30 miles per hour gust every now and then so still bundle up a bit and maybe a spotty afternoon shower for the eagles. 40's on monday. >> okay, the kicking situation is a little touch and go with the eagles. a gust of wind might help. >> it might. [laughter] >> thanks, david. 6:27 now. still ahead on "action news" robbers trash a store with their pickup truck on their way to stealing one specific item. >> if you're packing up for the holiday we're helping you get on your way. a live report from 30th street station is up next and karen, of course, you're helping everybody out on the roads. >> i'm doing my best tam. we're looking live in montgomeryville. this is 309 at stump road. a little damp out there and this is one of the top traffic hot spots for this busy travel day. if you need a little help with the holiday, i can't do anything about the relatives
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coming to visit but i can tell you what time to drive so i'll have that for you next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here, the view of the schuylkill. you can see that we've got some raindrops there on the camera. that's an issue if you're getting up trying to get out early today and you are going to have a a lot of company. aaa telling us whether you are driving, taking the train or flying, they expect numbers that we haven't seen since 2005. so add some time get the coffee, the extra nice
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flavored ones so you can calm yourself down and be and just be prepared to take your time to get where you're going. it's 6:15 and 52 degrees. >> you make it seem like it's the worst day ever. >> if you don't like trafficove with a newbornr nine hours from here to >> anything you're doing with a newborn for nine hours is of a challenge. at any rate, you're right it's a bad day to travel went ave extralume, more so this than any years so here'syou want to know about times to avoid. according we expect the busiest t today will be between 3:00 p.m. p. nowhanksgiving day itself and friday we don't expect volume to be too terrible so you can travel then. on saturday from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock expect the busiest travel times. sunday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. people he on monday, on monday the waze app says we expect very heavy volume because you have so many people heading back to plus people traveling trying to avoid the delays on monday to 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock a bad time toel. i've been the to try to help yt ready. let's switch to delawarety.
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on the blue route one of thebusiestfic hot spots of the region that we'll see is southbound blue route so watch for this on i-95. right now traffic's moving okay.bound here at 95 the ue route southbound at 951 of the busiest travel times as well. also a couple of issues popped up. in pottstown 422 westbound at 724, a new issue with a disabled vehicle. ccident here and this is in laurelwoodrta drive wr th accident just c we have an inoen just so aree here on gay street at second avenue that just cleared a minute ago meeting germantown pike a problem at plymouth road andt accident in the process of clearing out awell.le of accidents popped righ this very busy travel time look at storm tracker6 li do heavy rain, even in the city itself in some areas it's coming down pretty good so that's not helping this travel day m>> >r katherine scott is watchingrails for us and joinsi ght norostorning, ning matt. it was busy here lastight expect another busy one here today at 30th street station. right now if you get here earlyou don't have to contend with the hugecrowds. we're s see more people.
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rest assured it will pi conside goes on.u can see some people heir trains right now as i'm taking a look at the board. i that just a all of them are posting on time right now. we did see one brief delay this morning but right now these trains posting on time. thirtie station is with travelers trying to get to tions, to geto their families to get to their big turkey dinners. this station is amtrak's third busiest nationally. last year during their thanksgiving traved, carried more than 760,000 customers and they're expecting it to be a similar situationyear. amtrak is making accommodations at their major hubs knowing that their numbers will swell during rush, they're adding adding trains. we're live station katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you any changes including realti from storm tracker6 live. download the free 6ac app. >> two thieves used a stolen truck to pull off their smash and gr alabama. surveillance video show a white pickup truck barreling into the grocery store in the town day morning.
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th crashed through another set of doors and tear through the store to get to the other side. the men then load an atm into the truck and take off. investigators say the truck was reported stol monday from the we'll be right back. >> in today's tech bytes google as big brother. the company confirms phones have been collecting location data all year even when location services are disabled. >> that data has been sent back to google which claims it was never used or even stored. yet google says it's ending the practice. >> flux design is calling its track one escape board but it looks more like a scooter. it also has an electric motor two wheels an tread like a tank so it can go on any terrain. >> flux is seeking crowdfunding. available in a year prices will start at about $2000. a british man is baffled with his amazon order. >> yeah the bubble wrap he ordered was packaged with incredible car wrapped in 100 feet of brown explain in that by the way was the same length as the bubble wrap itself. >> wouldn't be able to pop all
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the bubbles if it wrapped carefully. >> that is true. those are your tech bytes. is your skin dry? then moisturize with aveeno® skin relief. with oat oil and natural shea butter, it softens and smooths extra dry skinnd lasts for 24 hours. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results® i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm noreally "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> ♪ustin here at whole foods market philly with "action news" produce tip. lo one more vegetable rout are y've gotten because in the past we mayd them boiled but really roasting these is the best way to go. chop them ine bit of oil and sees anyone, throw them into the oven rothey get a black brown almost charred appearance a little bacon on top never hurt either. >> it's all about t >> try them with bacon. >> austin has aweso >> i'm going to surprise my husband with that one da because he loves - a look outside right is the schuylkill. he's for 20 years. he'll just be happy he gets something. university avenue, we had an accident here that cleared. a little bit of a delayhat thinned out but these roadsngghhuh yellnd phi.bou to b milbin a hr thou ciwihom n jo d8me sheeeein igh waeorahoeh w
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>>e ve ag.anngll n >> bre iow n h ehoou yong ut duwewe2nd. y. trckeor6 lehr thbu ret aain asil lpwegh, nanyt o chon bebtoy t tugeatawg hahl nor l folallathckray tng9 oge5o.r imedrdsalfrom yo eedo esswhroesp aunil dr 20 tth syis t vo to fly reporter jes ator.l aoluermudele dephiioiaiel it it wuavelaperthaceon'tm acninm ngwegg lersnr the inrd past ne wis the b sma i te o tha sesl aireewrri. bksgiwi >> mifiut es.upit tu cvea,u're p$2.50and ar okinawace.aosre s.eron rescue ree oer sai lo .new this morning d ecar orasonbackdrhanksgiving ghtafrvek . our ownstam[lter here itat yes.cker6 live dole scis wacke lot il arainut lothat. lets d entoth mo g. la it out hoi eebetwe' e nefco re y, justur andep as sld lig ash roure barie oin a n ck. aro hits is caown fr upper bw au they harhtim do 5tttumble down therethrom traveling in erieound.ifyou' 30 drees by o'c tel nothinoto i ow t yi46 i ht nd t undl y8:thatou'relattlusivegrersum thd ear tth a
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. e abetter thoughf50. artly minkle nig e pdress eagles, maybe potty ssund oui dav aweng fr whomeheck o rowdas go o wacideouthb bridge.ther news details ne >>♪♪ slowd net ay are trying f of clooadlightidin amertdat's a adgh ride o atidges inl ringlowalsoe af ont road ol'sab t aat ltikme nfromnhy sadturda . liv ho r ggwere ying orhoa tavelers. a part't eenges vingtrel tation pwinnsylvatn 6 millideonutey'r mabso ks trave7 hanexpectinwe've syeeaar. to bee crowdsti or ascauss itr o cus t enibng euxptect anhe very day her thwe'rtw halisi o sthece compan epaea ers ed i mean fpabdule mo agh
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hit ano he at m this bound crea 1idtutenocorthbou o albeo deomin etn e et eg ad ma twaa cedfogaheenfindwe'l r♪b ck.demanding. 't es ngowneorecondsonmcodies. authorities found tesng to determine how the firekies will be cro as travelers head out for the thanksgiving aaa predicts this will be the since thanksgiving 2005. >> it's a mess on theds. it's wet. headed towards the airport i-95 southbound jams approaching broad to the downside of the girard point bridge where an accident blocks the left an accident that'sving an overturned vehicle on west c. i just got off the phone ith police dave, there's an accide o 295 northbouicle fire near west deptford. multiple cars. >> yikes. storm tracker6 live double scan the rain starting to get close to being over in
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philadelphia.ona sprioinknglesa40's pretty qui wherever you're going take it easy get there sly. we are thankful for iday. ee ryou i >> ♪♪
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good morning america. breaking newsdible rescue. a u.s. navyaft1 on crashing overnight. emergency finding at least eight alive.e the others overnight, sor down on h denials of se allegatio president trump comes to his defense. charlie r dismissed after facing new accusations pijohn lasseter now takin a leave of absence. crush.ns of o millions of the move. rain and snow h and the west the trouble spots on one of the busiest travel days of the year. think i love you >> celebrating
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